Frequently Asked Questions

What is NextReports?

NextReports is a reporting software suite composed of NextReports Designer, NextReports Engine and NextReports Server:

- With NextReports Designer you can easily create reports and charts in a proprietary xml format using a very simple user interface.

- You can use NextReports Engine to programmatically run a report or chart with your needed parameters. You can also embedd the Engine in your own application.

- Using NextReports Server, you can centralize all your reports and charts, apply security, schedule reports, monitor your processes, inspect running history, look at live dashboards and much more.


Engine, Designer and Server are free to use, beeing open source projects under Apache License.

Would you say NextReports Suite is an enterprise level reporting solution?

Yes! NextReports can easily manage very large volumes of data.

Some of our customers are very known large companies.

You can check out our customers page.

Are NextReports products really free?

Yes! NextReports is an open source project under Apache License. You will get a fully functional software, with no limitations, no ads, no spam or any other hidden tricks.

You can use engine, designer and server for as long as you want, for private or business reporting needs.

What datasources does NextReports support?

NextReports Designer can connect to most popular databases:

- Oracle



- SQLite

- PostgreSQL

- Derby

- Firebird

But you can add any JDBC driver to NextReports.

What file formats does NextReports currently support?

Currently NextReports can export reports in the following file formats:









Is there an Online Demo for NextReports Server?

Sure. Just go to this URL:

You can login using username "demo" and password "demo" (without the quotes).

Keep in mind that "demo" is a restricted user which is not able to see security and has restrictive rights on some existing entities.

I have more questions, what can I do?

It's easy! You can:

- read the manuals avaliable in the Documentation area

- look for more info on NextReports blog

- use the Live Chat that you see on the right side of our website

- check out our Video Tutorials for Designer and Server

- visit out our Forum, where you can post any questions or comments you may have

- use the Contact page to contact us