NextReports Server  

NextReports Server is a reporting server that helps automating production and delivery of business reports.


NextReports Server handles reports created with different report designers (NextReports, JasperReports and more to come).
Featuring a fast and efficient web interface, NextReports Server makes use of advanced Web 2.0/Ajax technologies to provide speed and ease of use normally experienced in desktop applications.

NextReports Server allows you to schedule NextReports and Jasper reports and to automatically deliver them via E-mail, FTP, SSH, Windows Share or WebDAV to your business contacts in most popular file formats like HTML, EXCEL, EXCELX, PDF, DOCX, RTF, CSV, TSV, TXT or XML. NextReports Server can schedule table, indicator and display reports to send alerts if some conditions are met.

NextReports Server shows your charts, table reports, alarm reports, value indicators and displays in real time inside dashboards. Data can be analyzed using drill-down, pivot structures and an analysis module which brings data locally through an ETL process.


Open Source Project

NextReports Server is an open source project. It can be found on github.

Advanced security

Keep your IT Security Deparment happy. NextReports server uses advanced security technology!

Web services

Allows other applications to interact with the server using a simple api on following levels:

  • storage level : list reports, charts, folders, data sources; create folders; publish reports, charts and data sources; download reports and charts (these methods are also used by NextReports Designer)
  • process level : run reports on the server from your proprietary applications with your specific parameters values

Single repository

One place for all relevant reports in an organization.

Get flexibility

Integrate reporting from various sources: ERP, CRM, Billing System, Marketing databases, etc

Get perspective

Easy access to reports for all stakeholders through scheduling and various report distribution types like email, FTP, SSH, Windows Share, WebDAV

Multiple Data Source Management

Easy management of multiple data sources through JDBC to popular databases: Oracle (11g R2), MSSQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Derby, SQLite, Vertica, Pervasive, Teradata, MS Access, CSV files. NextReports Server can use any other JDBC driver. Nextreports Server can use defined JNDI data sources, if it is deployed inside an application server.

NextReports Remote JDBC driver

NextReports has a remote JDC driver to allow access from designer through NextReports Server to data sources that otherwise are not exposed to outside world.

Reporting Portal

Provides access to scheduling, running and distributing reports. Supports Filter and Chained Parameters

Multi-report engine

NextReports Server manages different report types (NextReports, JasperReports and more to come)

Multi-format Export Capabilities

Generate reports in the following formats: HTML, EXCEL, EXCELX, PDF, DOCX, RTF, TSV, CSV, TXT, XML

Dashboards & Charts

NextReports Server allows to organize your charts, tables, alarms, value indicators and displays inside dashboards

Drill Down Charts & Table Reports

NextReports Server allows to define a drill down charts and table reports chain

Analyze Data with Pivots or Analysis Module

Users can create a pivot from any report to analyze data
Users can bring data locally through an ETL process and then use it to obtain desired results

Reports Scheduling

Allows creation of both simple and complex schedules for reporting jobs. A batch module allows for batch scheduling.

Reports Run History

Keeps the history for all reports ran

Reports Distribution

Generated reports can be distributed to interested business users via web, email, FTP, SSH, Windows Share and WebDAV


Alarms, Value indicators and Displays can be scheduled to send some mails to users only if a specific condition is met.


  • Remote database connection from NextReports Designer. Your database will not be exposed to outsiders.
  • Administrators can manage user access to any data source, report or scheduler job, based role/user permissions
  • Https support
  • Users synchronization with other applications (realm login)
  • Single Sign On support (CAS)
  • Profiles to restrict user interactions with application sections and actions

Monitor Viewer

Quick view for all generated or running reports, offering the possibility to stop running jobs

Audit Module

Audit module allows administrators to see NextReports Server internal data and to save it to excel files.

Reports & Charts Versioning

Safe way to manage reports / charts versions and history

Iframe Support

  • Any widget from any dashboard has an iframe code which can be used from external HTML pages
  • Entire sections from server like Reports, Charts, Dashboards can be embedded as an iframe in custom web applications
  • Dashboard url embed code

Data Migration

  • Allow to export data from a repository to an xml file.
  • Allow to import data into a repository from an exported xml file.


  • Internal Search
  • Cache for both business entities and dashboard widgets
  • Easy configuration
  • Easy backup of server content repository
  • War file to be deployed in web servers (Jetty, Tomcat, Oracle iPlanet Web Server)
  • Web Service api for common functionality (publish, download, run reports from your application inside a NextReports Server
  • Supports multipe Application Servers: Oracle WebLogic Server 11g R1, Jboss, Oracle OC4J, Oracle Application Server
  • Multi-platform, tested on: Windows, Oracle Linux 5.5, RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS Linux
  • Color themes created by user