NextReports Engine  

NextReports Engine is a lightweight (513 k) java reporting engine that could be embedded in any application or used on their own.


You can download a Demo integration archive (contains the demo java code, all jar dependcies, nextreports engine library, nextreports engine javadoc). The examples from here show how to export a report in a supported output format : HTML, EXCEL, EXCELX, PDF, DOCX, RTF, CSV, TSV, TXT, XML and how to run a chart as image or as a flash in a browser.

In your applications, running reports generated from NextReports Designer is a very simple process to implement. The following lines are self-explanatory :

FileOutputStream stream = new FileOutputStream("test.html");

Practically, the previous code will export the 'report' xml object created by NextReports to a html file (test.html). You specify your java.sql.Connection , a timeout in seconds for query execution , the values for the parameters and the export format.

The parameter values is a java map Map where the key is the name of the parameter and the Object is the value. Such value can be a simple java object if the parameter has SINGLE SELECTION, or in case of MULTIPLE SELECTION value is an array Object[] of java objects. For an empty list of values , the value must be : new Object[] { ParameterUtil.NULL }

We can offer a zip archive with the needed libs, java doc and some simple demo examples. See readme.txt from the zip for more information.

See information about integration here

NextReports Engine  

Open Source Project

  • You can use NextReports Engine free of charge! You can embedd it in any application or use it as is
  • You can find NextReports Engine on github.


  • NextReports Engine is a lightweight java reporting engine, only 513kb!

Easy to integrate

  • Reports generated from NextReports Designer are very easy to integrate, with just a few lines of code
NextReports Engine  

Multi database support

  • NextReports Designer can connect to most popular databases, like Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Derby, Firebird, SQLite, Vertica, Pervasive, Teradata, MS Access
  • Users can add their own JDBC drivers

CSV data files

  • NextReports Engine can connect to CSV data files to create reports and charts in the same way database connections work.

Output Formats

  • NextReports Engine can export reports to HTML, EXCEL, EXCELX, PDF, DOCX, RTF, CSV, TSV, TXT, XML
  • NextReports Engine can generate charts as image or as flash

Parameter support

  • NextReports Engine has a powerful parameter support: simple parameters, chained parameters, hidden parameters


Reports and Charts can be internationalized through:
  • static text
  • parameters run time names
  • layout cell's pattern property
  • database column values (through expressions)
  • chart title, description, legends and tooltips


  • NextReports Engine is an Open Source Project, Free to Use and Embedd
  • NextReports Engine allows for free integration to commercial applications

Clean API

  • NextReports Engine has a small and simple API.

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