NextReports Designer  

NextReports Designer is a FREE TO USE AdHoc Query and Reporting software that promotes simple, fast and powerful report creation, which runs on any operating system that supports Java 1.7



By employing unique features, like in-spreadsheet design, Next Reports Designer aims to speed up reporting tasks.
Forget about bloated and complex tools; reporting can now be done in minutes instead of hours. Download NextReports Designer and see for yourself.

See NextReports Designer in action in our video gallery:     video-next-reports-designer

NextReports Designer  

Open Source Project

  • You can use NextReports Designer free of charge! It does not include any nag-screens, limited functionality or any other limitations. Project sources can be found on github.

Easy to use

  • NextReports Designer is easy to use and easy to learn for non-programmers. You can create queries without SQL knowledge using a friendly graphical interface.

In-spreadsheet design

  • By using real in-spreadsheet design, predefined templates and tabular structure, NextReports Designer speeds up reporting tasks. You can now design reports in minutes instead of hours.

Free documentation

  • You can download our documentation for NextReports Designer for free! Also, see our video tutorials on using the Designer.
NextReports Designer  

Multi database support

NextReports Designer can connect to most popular databases, like Oracle (11g R2), MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Derby, Firebird, SQLite, Vertica, PErvasive, Teradata, MS Access. Any other JDBC driver can be added and used by NextReports Designer.

CSV data files

NextReports Designer can connect to CSV data files to create reports and charts in the same way database connections work.

Fast report and chart designing

Two ways to create a report or a chart: query design and wizard

In-spreadsheet design, easy to use tabular structure

  • Predefined templates
  • Auto or Manual column size

No need for SQL syntax knowledge

  • Create queries without SQL knowledge using a friendly graphical interface
  • Define and use parameters in a friendly manner; their types and their UI components are automatically generated
  • A simple to use wizard will make report creation a very fast process


  • NextReports Designer is Free to Use reporting software
  • Reports are simple xmls and do not require a compilation step

Increased reports productivity

  • Build formatted reports in minutes
  • Use the wizard for even faster report creation
  • Steep learning curve
  • One-click server publishing and downloading

Other features

  • Reports can contain other reports, charts, links, parameters, variables, images, barcodes
  • Excel templates / for excelx macros are preserved
  • 'Multiple Report' element to obtain horizontal data scaling
  • Charts can have dynamic series
  • Create queries from stored procedures
  • Save data sources and visible schemas
  • Advanced users can write their own SQL
  • Support for Chained Parameters
  • Running reports can be stopped 
  • Html accessibility properties (scope, id, headers)
  • Create special kind of reports to be used inside server dashboards : alarms, tables, value & display indicators
  • Save charts as images to be used inside reports, or as HTML5 or flash to be used inside server dashboards
  • Bulk sql validation for queries, reports and charts
  • One-click Backup & Restore
  • Import from older versions
  • Favorites
  • Native installer for Windows and Linux (Oracle Linux 5.5, RedHat Enterprise Linux, CentOS Linux, etc.)
  • Multilanguage

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