NextReports Reporting Software

NextReports is a reporting software suite composed of free reports designer, free reporting engine and free reporting server.

NextReports Designer is an application able to design in-grid reports, using connections to most popular databases like Oracle, MySql, MSSQL, PostgreSLQ, Firebird, Derby, SQLite, Vertica, Pervasive, Teradata, MS Access. NextReports Designer has an intuitive interface that makes report creation a quick and easy task. The designer has a convenient single-click publish/download mechanism for NextReports Server.

NextReports Engine is a Java platform development library which can be used to run NextReports inside your applications. This library is light and very easy to use.

NextReports Server allows you to schedule NextReports and Jasper reports and to automatically deliver reports via E-mail, FTP, SSH, Windows Share, WebDAV to your business contacts in most popular file formats like HTML, EXCEL, EXCELX, PDF, DOCX, RTF, CSV, TSV, TXT, XML. NextReports Server will present your charts, table reports, alarms, indicators and displays in real time inside dashboards. Users can perform data analyze using drill-down , pivot structures or an entire analysis module which gets data locally through an ETL process.