NextReports 8.1 is released!

NextReports 8.1 has many new features which were made to push the product forward.

Two new modules have been developed.

First one is Scheduler Batch Module. This is a new step inside schedule/run process which allows to run a report for all values of a specific parameter. Generated reports can also be send to specific recipients depending on parameter's values.

Second module is called Audit and offers a small set of internal reports. Here any administrator can find answers about rights, run reports or can obtain a list of specific entities.

audit section

NextReports Server 8.1 adds more features like:
  • generating dashboard url embed code
  • usage of JNDI data sources if NextReports Server is used inside an application server where those data sources were defined
  • table widget has column sorting
  • data source definition has now min and max pool size defined by users
  • mail subject and body  can contain report parameters through $P{...} markup
  • scheduler object can be cloned
Charts now support a startingFromZero property for yAxis.

For all release notes please visit designer and server pages.