NextReports 8.0 is released!

NextReports 8.0 was released bringing a new start in this year.

Designer has two new very important features: a dialect for MS Access and a new Xlsx exporter. As an addition for the new Excel exporter (besides the older simple xls), Excel template for Xlsx Exporter can be with xlsx or xlsm (macro) extensions, so macro from template will be preserved.

Server offers a new Analysis module (section) where users can play with data to get desired results.

The new analysis module allows users to get needed data locally through an ETL process. Then they can select needed columns, create new columns, sort, group and filter data. The result can be saved, exported to excel or even freezed to not allow any other data updates.


NextReports Server is able now to capture visible part of  a dashboard as PDF. All scheduled reports destinations can have now a different name (user custom name) than that auto-generated by server. A new COPY destination just does this to offer access by external systems to generated reports.

SMTP Mail user and password can now be defined inside UI, not just inside xml as in previous versions.

You can read as always the full release notes for designer and server.