NextReports 7.3 is released!

NextReports 7.3 has a lot of noteworthy new changes.

Starting with this version , Java 7 is the de facto for all installers and artifacts. This solves many problems regarding communication between designer and a NextReports Server data source.

NextReports offers now separate installers for 32bit(x86) and 64bit operating systems. Previous versions were created only for 32bit operating systems and some problems were reported for 64bit OS like Windows 8.

At the foundations, the Wicket web framework used by NextReports Server was upgraded to solve some issues about iframes on Internet Explorer.

One of the new features is a new report format: DOCX. Previously, only RTF could be used to generate a Word-like result. DOCX is the 9th report format supported by NextReports.

Excel exporter has new add-ons. "New line" characters from strings are now interpretted inside excel cells and cell height is accordingly computed. A new excel sheet name property allows to name the sheets instead of default their numbers.

Simple HTML strings like < b >,< i >,< font >, < br > are now interpretted inside PDF and RTF exporters.

There is now support for new Dialects like Pervasive and Teradata.

Community has also contributed with NextReports Designer internationalization in Italian.

Charts have support for Y dual axis. If comparison needs to be done between two or more series with different order of magnitude, then charts like area, line, bar, combo bar can be defined with a second Y axis which has its own scale and legend.


Some Demo Chart Templates can be found in NextReports Designer.Charts are automatically created with style GLASS for bar and have a default template applied to them.

On server side, Table widgets have a RowsPerPage settings property to allow for user custom pagination.

Thanks to all NextReports community who contributed to this release by requiring new things and by actively involving in NextReports evolution!