NextReports 7.2 is released!

NextReports 7.2 was released bringing as allways some new features and improvements.

Users can define a new report type called 'display'.  Designer can be easily used through Wizard to create such kind of report. This is used on server's dashboards as a new widget which shows a single value and percent on how it evolved from previous period of time.

'Display' is a nice addition to show in a glimpse the evolution of a value.


NextCharts library was extended to also contain  existing widgets like alarm, indicator, display. Alarm widget was rewritten with HTML5. Indicator widget was ported to NextCharts library. Display widget was created from scratch. All these widgets now have a resize event.

Another big feature of 7.2 version is Report/Chart Internationalization. This feature allows users to internationalize things like:
  • static text
  • parameters run time names
  • layout cell's pattern property
  • database column values (through expressions)
  • chart title, description, legends and tooltips

To see all features visit the links bellow:

Designer Release Notes

Server Release Notes