NextReports 7.1 is released!

NextReports 7.1 was released to offer more new features.

From this version, a new bubble chart can be defined in designer. You can read more about it on our blog. NextCharts library was also extended with features like:
- tooltip with #x markup for x label value
- showLabels property ( true means X labels are shown on X axis, or with lines for pie; false means no labels are seen on X axis; no lines with labels for pie, in this case user can use #x markup to show the value on tooltip message )
- tooltip message property for chart can be changed using existing markups #val , #total , #x, #percent and tags

A new insert "Image Sql Column" was added to report layout to allow loading images from database directly in exported reports. Images types like png, gif, jpeg are recognized from blob data and can be exported to PDF, RTF, HTML and EXCEL files. See more here.

NextReports can now generate an excel file based on existing template. This way, NextReports can write inside a specific sheet from template, allowing to already have pivots on that sheet inside our template.

On server side, a new connection pooling (per data source) was added, speeding the loading time. 'Run Now' action for schedulers in monitor panel and 'Auto open' report artifact after running (through property settings) are others two new features.

To see all features visit the links bellow:

Designer Release Notes

Server Release Notes