NextReports 7.0 is released!

NextReports 7.0 will bring a new chart library called NextCharts. It is a simple HTML5 library created to fulfill the needs of our open source product allowing for other OS smooth integration like Android systems.

NextCharts will support all the features NextReports used in chart layout in older flash mode, no compromises were made. Starting from here, it will also allow us to grow the number of chart types. For version 7.0 you can have horizontal stacked bars, bar-line combos and stacked bar-line combos. Also stacked bars can have now any style as simple bars: normal, glass, cylinder, parallelepiped, dome.

Flash mode was kept only for back-compatibility. If your browser does not support HTML5, then flash charts will be shown automatically.  Designer allows to preview charts both as HTML5 and flash, but if the browser is not a concern you can forgot about flash.

 HTML5 Charts

NextReports Designer will also improve the validation process. Now all the queries from a report / chart are tested: main query, parameters queries, subreports queries. If an error occurs, this will be shown to user. Also a bulk replace functionality is possible to replace text (like changed column names & tables) in all selected files.

To see all features visit the links bellow:

Designer Release Notes

Server Release Notes