NextReports review in the Full Circle Magazine

"...if the designer is any indication of the power, ease and flexibility of the rest of the suite, this thing is a winner." (Greg Walters)

A short review of NextReports Designer has been published by Greg Walters in the January 2014 edition of Full Circle Magazine.

He describes his first experience of using NextReports Designer, getting through some of designer features in a "How to create a report" short tutorial.

"It only took me about 3 hours of playing with the package to get to this point and a whole lot further" says Greg.

Greg Walters is owner of Rainy Day Solutions, a consulting company in Aurora, Colorado.

Greg's conclusion about NextReports Designer is resumed to:

"I've looked for years for really good free reporting tools and I'm not sure how I have missed this package for so many years. But now that I've found it, I'm absolutely pumped about it!"

You can read all the article in Full Circle Magazine (see page 9 in the 81st edition). Enjoy!