Tuesday, 25 October 2011 11:50

NextReports at Oracle Day 2011NextReports Team was present on 20th of October, 2011, at the Oracle OTN Developer Day, as an Oracle Partner, where they gave a presentation on the “Java Enterprise in the Real World” subject. The event took place at Hotel Intercontinental, Ronda Hall and included sessions on Java EE 6.

NextReports presentation was held by Decebal Suiu and Mihai Dinca-Panaitescu, Senior Java Developers at ASF, and provided information on how the Oracle technology is integrated with NextReports technology.

They gave a brief description of both the software architecture and the deploy architecture used in the NextReports suite. The team mentioned the major frameworks used, why and how they were implemented in their enterprise application.  Also, they spoke about the main ways that NextReports can communicate with other software applications to ensure easy integration with external systems.

This event is aiming developers, project managers and architects of software solutions.

As a plus, NextReports Team have presented, for the first time, the new NextReports demo based on version 4.2 which will be available soon.

Thursday, 11 August 2011 13:42

A new release of NextReports was published. Version 4.1 solves some bugs and brings new features.

Some designer new features are:

  • An SQLite driver and it's corresponding dialect were added.
  • More properties for charts like pattern property for y column tooltips, main font property, xaxis and yaxis color properties.
  • Also, this version allows to use hidden parameters inside other not-hidden parameters even if they are not used in the main query.
  • Inside the designer every empty cell is considered to be text, not null, this allowing for fast property settings on empty cells. Previously, you had to insert a new text element and then you could format the cell.
  • A history of all selected colors inside the designer is saved for reuse for the time the designer is not closed.

Some new server features are:

  • Automatic login from other applications. NextReports Server does all the users and groups synchronization process under the hood. So when you login to your application, you can access the Next server and you will be logged in without entering your credentials.
  • From 4.1 version, it is possible to define drill down chains for table reports. Also you can search for drill down reports.
  • To speed up the response, besides previously widget cache used by dashboards, a new cache for all business entities was created.

See release notes page for designer and server.

Tuesday, 05 July 2011 00:00


NextReports website received a new layout that mixes technical details and extensive information with a user friendly interface and handy communication channels. The new layout aims to ease your access to information and to be more user friendly.

You are just one click away from our experts opinion. You can choose your preffered way of communication between live chat, forum or e-mail. If you want a quick answer for your questions you should not hesitate to ask our experts using our live chat. On our new forum you can find or share useful information with other NextReports users. Also, if you want an extensive reply you can use our email address to contact us. From now on you can find your answers on our website.

Just take a look and do not hesitate to give us your feedback in the dedicated forum.

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